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6 Week Conditioning + Weightlifting Program by:

Erin Monfre & Kristy Adams

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About FaceFitness

I had to start somewhere just as you are about to. My breaking point was150 pounds, 22% body fat, and soft. Both physically and mentally. I am a 5’10” former women’s basketball player from the division I university, Marquette University. I’ve been through the 6am conditioning, the two-a-day workouts, and the dreaded preseason. After graduation I didn’t take care of my eating habits nor training consistently.

I always dreamed of coaching collegiate athletics. However, with the passing of my mother in 2008 due to breast cancer (also a certified personal trainer), I found a passion later on in fitness and continuing where she left off. Today I represent a healthy, fit lifestyle at 163 pounds and 15% body fat. Yes, my scale went up, and body fat percentage went down. Don’t beat yourself up on that number you see on the scale!

Fitness is about trial and error, what works for you, what you enjoy, and what you will stick with consistently to reach your goals and get results. My goal is to use my coaching mentality, as well as share my knowledge and passion for intense circuit training in just 30 minutes. This isn’t a fad, nor temporary. Health and fitness are my life. Cancer has attacked my family resulting in 4 funerals, with the oldest living age on my mothers side to be 62 years old. I want to live longer, do everything I can to avoid the ugly disease of cancer, be happier, and be confident inside my skin.

I firmly believe I can show you an intense way to train, just bring the effort!

I’m rooting for you,
Erin Monfre
NESTA, CPT and ACE Sports & Conditioning Specialist


Client testimonial :

  • The 4 week program wasn’t what I normally would do in my training but was a great change and has made me realize you don’t need to always use weights to see improvement.

  • I’m truly grateful to have had the chance to work with Erin and Kristy because eating differently has also helped me feel more Energized. I’m definitely 100% more conscious about food labels and the amounts I allow myself to consume.

  • The convenience of FaceFitness' programs are my favorite part and has given me strength and way more confidence because you see your times get better by keeping track, you can see how much you improve.

Train Virtually


Below are the packages I will tailor to fit your individual fitness goals.
In order to virtually train, you must have access to one of the three: FaceTime, Skype, or Google Hangout.

  • Gold
    • (8) 30 Minute Sessions
    • $12/Session
  • Silver
    • (4) 30 Minute Sessions
    • $15/Session



For each package, you can add up to 3 additional participants.
Each additional participant only costs an additional $10 per session.

Use the drop-down when checking out to select the number of participants in your sessions.


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This one time, 45 minute, introductory session will allow you to experience FaceFitness; your new personal trainer anywhere you need me to be!

Are you looking to begin your fitness journey? Or, just need MOTIVATION to revamp and modernize your fitness routine? My FaceFitness package of 4 workouts is your solution!

Is your 30-minute workout lacking ACCOUNTABILITY, focus and drive? My 8-session package is what you need to succeed!

Are you determined and COMMITTED to a new healthier you? My 12-session package offers the long term motivational support needed to obtain your fitness goal. This package might shrink your waistline, but it won’t shrink your wallet!

After signing up, you will immediately receive email confirmation with a fitness questionnaire that will allow me to determine your needs and customize your FaceFitness plan. Upon receipt of questionnaire to (, I will reach out to you via contact information provided on your questionnaire and we will further assess and determine your fitness goals.

Client testimonial :
“Erin not only motivates, she makes working out fun! I’ve increased muscle, gained self-confidence, am maintaining a healthy weight and my husband tells me I’m in the best shape of my life!”

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need equipment?

No! No equipment is needed but if you do have any, we absolutely can use it during the session!

Can a friend or family member train with me?

Yes, up to 3 additional participants can be added when purchasing your FaceFitness package. Each additional participant will only cost $10 per session to join your FaceFitness workout.

Do my sessions expire?


4-session packages must be used within 30 days.
8-session packages must be used within 60 days.
12-session packages must be used within 90 days.

FaceFitness will issue your expiration date upon purchase!

What if I need to cancel my session?

You must notify FaceFitness by email at If the session is cancelled outside of 12 hours prior to scheduled time, the session will not be lost.

How will sessions be recorded and made note of completion?

A screenshot will be documented and saved in your personal file with a visible date.


Client testimonial :

  • I love having the freedom to eat a scoop of ice cream or a piece of pizza without feeling like I’m cheating myself.  I’ve done a few online training programs and this has by far been the best!  The clarity, support, and challenge that Erin and Kristy give is better than I ever expected!”

  • Honestly it’s the best program I’ve done so far, I can already feel myself getting stronger. I played soccer my whole life and was always in good shape until after college it sort of…got out of control. I finally am starting to feel like myself again!

  • I didn’t have to spend three hours a day at the gym…Thank you so much for being the support system that I need. I am happy to say that I didn’t just lose weight, but I lost fat and have gained muscle.

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FaceFitness is the newest innovation in personal training! What sets me apart? Motivation, Accountability, Commitment. Technologically customized personal training with comfort and convenience in mind. FaceFitness allows you to experience the benefits of having your personal trainer wherever life takes you! Let’s get FaceFit!

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