Fascial Massage & The Aging Face

Fascial Massage & The Aging Face

The face is an incredibly important aspect of identity. It mirrors what is going on inside the body, mind, emotionally, psychologically and physically. We are recognized, evaluated, and scrutinized by the signs on our faces and the expressions that we make. As we age we lose the integrity and shape of our face as a result we start to see thinning and a breakdown in structure—jowling and neck laxity, with volume loss in the mid-face. Your skin gives clues to your personality, health and imbalances that have contributed to the decrease in the integrity of it. Whether from poor lifestyle habits, undernourishment, over sun-exposure or a decrease in facial volume from too much exercise, even loneliness and stress. There’s several other reasons our faces begin to change and lose shape.
  1. Bone Loss -  One reason for premature wrinkles around the mouth is due to a collapse in the bite caused by clenching or grinding. Facial muscle tone decreases as we age, this process is accelerated with tooth and bone loss. Since facial muscles are attached to facial bone, the bone loss severely affects these muscles and their function. The facial skin begins to sag. When the bite collapses there is a decrease in the facial muscle tone which causes the chin recess, the lips to lengthen out causing the entire face to appear tired, prematurely aged and angry. It doesn’t look as supple which increases dullness as a result of layers of dead tissue that starts to build upon it.
  2. Fascia Elongates - Fascia at its most basic level is several layers of connective tissue that is just below the skin’s surface and basically encases our entire body like a spiderweb. However, giving it more detail, fascia is much more than that. There are three layers of connective tissue that makes up the framework of the face + body. The deeper layer connects the skin to muscle and fat and forms the “girdle” of facial muscles— Superficial, Deep and Subserous. As the fascia dries out, it begins to fray or stiffen. This shows up in numerous ways, both obvious and not so obvious. Wrinkles are a result of fascia growing out and lengthening. Since the skin is attached to fascia, it makes sense it begins to fall with it. If this fascia is restricted, it will hold deeper facial wrinkles “in place” until released. Plus, fascia constricts in many different directions and can be restricted by repetitive facial movements, surgery, scars, injections, implants, fillers and other facial procedures. And, thereby, blocking optimum lymph flow (waste removal/detoxification) and blood circulation in the skin. The aging of the fascia is a key factor in many age-related changes that happen as we get older. This is why I feel filler isn’t the answer to address volume loss. You have to strengthen and work the fascia to support it. It’s commonly known that hydration is also critical to the youthfulness and suppleness of fascia. If there is a point of deep congestion and dehydration, the mechanical separation of fascial layers becomes critical to allow water to be absorbed into the tissue. Drinking water is always beneficial, but an even more effective solution for hydrating the fascia and improving overall health of the skin + body is with daily movement, yoga, deep breathing, scraping/sculpting and rolling.
  3. Emotional - We are a bored, restless culture that fears our own emotions, the chaos of transformation and the possibility of surrendering ourselves to the fierce beauty of the aging process. Anxiety and tension is so common most people don’t even realize how stressed they are. Walking around clenched and holding tension in the chest, neck and mouth. The mouth, is like of a river, it’s a gateway that lends access to another existence! A door to the soul. Our center to so much interaction— breath, speech, consumption, communication and romance. The avenue of expression becomes a battleground between authentic sound and silent self-protection. Our bodies and our face hold on to negative or repressed emotions with any type of trauma we’ve experienced can get stuck in our tissues for years. This can cause many health concerns and dictate the way we age. Emotions, like fear and love, are carried out by the limbic system, which is located in the temporal lobe. The emotions and the brain (the area in our frontal lobe of left hemisphere ) the Broca’s area control our facial muscles, tongue, jaw and throat. The release can be profound. Trauma and inflammation create restrictions in the fascia, which can hold tensile pressures too.

How do you restore a more youthful shape and improve radiance?

As a wholistic aesthetician and practitioner I guide my clients through the process of change. Consistent maintenance and action that allows for skin renewal to support those changes in every season of their life. The process requires repeated professional treatments and a curated skin program with compliance. Some of these treatments include, professional Myofascial face massage and using my unique beauty tool, the sculpting plate in your at home regimen. It improves skin suppleness because it reduces and releases muscle tension in the face and jaw. By stimulating rejuvenation and cellular activity, fascial face massage can help to tighten the skin and underlying muscles and reduce expression lines and wrinkles promoting blood and lymphatic circulation, increasing the supply of nutrients to the cells. It also aids in the removal of dead skin cells to reveal a fresh, youthful appearance that begins from within.

What is the main purpose of myofascial massage?

To perform a deep relaxation of muscles as much as possible, to reduce tension on a bone, to strengthen muscles from the inside out. Improving the mobility of myofascial structures prevents interbone dysfucntions. Myofascial Release treats these symptoms by releasing the uneven tightness in injured fascia. During treatment areas are located that feel stiff or stuck, rather than elastic and movable under light pressure. Small areas of muscle are stretched at a time.The focused manual pressure and stretching used in this release helps to equalize muscle tension throughout the face and loosen up restricted movement, leading indirectly to reduced pain and a smoother complexion.

The benefits of this deeply relaxing treatment include:

  • Facial Filler like Natural Results Without A Needle!
  • Reduce fine lines and wrinkles
  • Tightens and Lifts the skin
  • Brightens and Lightens Skin
  • Improves Skin Tone
  • Removes metabolic waste, excess water, toxins and bacteria from tissues
  • Relaxes the sympathetic nervous system to relieve stress, tension and anxiety
  • Helps the body to heal more quickly from surgical trauma, chronic conditions and edema
  • Reduces TMJ pain
  • Reduces migraines & tension headaches
  • Alleviates sinus congestion and puffiness–Aids in pre/post plastic surgery healing
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