About Us

GET FACE FIT is an online learning platform that specializes in non-invasive face-lifting techniques. The curated protocols are aimed to TONE, LIFT & SCULPT the 40+ facial muscles.

Our mission: to provide solutions that deliver innovative solutions to anti-aging, skin health & overall well-being wherever you are in the world without the use of invasive treatments. All of our methods aim to release facial tension, focus on lymphatic drainage & lifting the contours of your face, leaving you feeling rejuvenated.
Our best-in-class methods include dynamic face lifting techniques that are consciously designed to increase blood circulation, boost collagen and elastin.

  • Our Mission

    To produce a powerhouse of face fitness professionals and teachers who shape natural beauty with our GET FACE FIT™ & face fitness exercises.

  • Our Vision

    To bring the simplicity and effectiveness of face fitness to everyone with our renowned GET FACE FIT™ and non-invasive facial massage techniques.

The Founder, Olivia Szmidt

Olivia Szmidt, Founder of GET FACE FIT is an industry leader in holistic beauty treatments from the Far East and Eastern European disciplines, a licensed Aesthetician and Myofascial Release Expert & Integrative Health Practitioner.

Her main expertise lies in deep muscle stimulation combined with non-invasive faceLifting techniques that focus on myofascial release as well as toning, lifting, and
sculpting the entire face.

With extensive years of work in this field, Olivia established her first non-invasive Face-Lifting protocol, The Face Sculpt Method TM.

“I think one should never stop learning and being open to new things.....”

It is her personal mission to relentlessly uplift and inspire people to always feel and look beautiful inside out. As a natural educator, her Instagram content about her and her craft successfully launched her massive online female global community. She's also been actively collaborating with local and international brands to bring more
revolutionary face fitness to the world.

  • Innovation

    Development is constant for our beauty and wellness solutions so you can seamlessly align to contemporary and non-compromising beauty results.

  • Excellence

    We work consciously hard to implement flawless and supercharged techniques to help you standout as an advocate of youthful transformation.

  • Inclusivity

    Our teachings are designed to cater to each unique individual without compromise.

  • Community Love

    We foster harmony so uplifting and active support within the academy becomes second nature. You go at ease with the flow.

  • Positivity

    As healthy overall wellbeing is our goal for one another, we grasp the present and future through the lens of self-love. This empowers us to connect to our higher self.