Learn Buccal Massage

Learn Buccal Massage

The main difference between a traditional face massage and a buccal massage is that in the latter, the masseuse massages the clients face from the inside out, by putting her hands inside their mouth and accessing all the muscles of the cheeks, lips and jawline areas.


It’s an incredible technique that works profoundly and simultaneously on the inside and the outside of the face, allowing the practitioner to access deeper layers of ligaments and muscle tissue. The specific movements of the massage help remove tension and blockages, and by stretching, relaxing and strengthening select muscles, we’re able to re-train a more natural facial posture with the right amount of sessions.


It helps the skin detoxify correctly, as we have many lymph nodes in the cheeks, jaw and neck, de-puff eyes and sagging skin and improve muscle elasticity. After every session, the skin feels refreshed and the facial structure more defined.


WHAT ARE ITS MAIN BENEFITS? The benefits of a buccal massage don’t end with an improved complexion. They’re also an excellent treatment to relax tight muscles of the jaw, reduce TMJ pain, and alleviate headaches and migraines related to clenching. Additionally, they soften lines and wrinkles on lips and lower face, stimulate healthy lymph drainage, reduce puffiness and improve circulation. The feeling afterwards is similar to the one after a facelift: skin and muscles look and feel lifted, and the complexion is relaxed. After a few hours, the muscles might feel a bit fatigued and sore, as the repetitive movement helps re-train the muscles by deeply engaging them, being a proper workout for the tissue in our lower face. It’s not a painful treatment, not during the massage or afterwards, but if you have a lot of jaw tension or issues like TMJ, you might experience some discomfort. Our masseuses here at Oblique always make sure it’s a healthy, therapeutic discomfort and will adjust accordingly to your needs and feelings. It’s perfectly fine to continue with your daily activities. Still, we recommend taking it easy and relaxing the face several times a day if we’re prone to clenching or grinding our teeth involuntarily.


WHEN WILL I START SEEING RESULTS? Results are visible from the moment you step out of the salon: the skin is glossy and glowy, and cheekbones, lips and jaw look more sculpted and plump. The difference is more noticeable after a few sessions, around the third or fourth treatment. Still, since the results are cumulative and the massage has the purpose of re-training your face muscles, five to eight treatments are what we recommend for the best results.


Train with us and offer this treatment right away.






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