• The Face Sculpt Method

    The focus points of this treatment are deep tissue face remodelling of the scalp, face, neck and chest. Myofascial release and deep tissue facial release are merged to powerfully diminish knots for better face relaxation.

  • Non Invasive Face Lift

    Sculpt and rejuvenate with energetic strokes backed by the unique combination of European face lifting techniques, Facial Reflexology with Japanese face lifting and deep tissue Myofascial release with lymphatic drainage.

  • Buccal Sculpt & Lift

    The Buccal Massage is a novel anti-aging method for your face. This manual massage technique is the deepest massage among the existing treatment methods. The lifting effect is achieved by increasing the muscle tone on the face.

  • Full Face Lift

    A natural, non-surgical alternative to a face lift, this procedure stimulates 21 traditional acupuncture points and the facial tissue to help cell regeneration. This treatment is a painless, relaxing, holistic face-lifting beauty treatment.